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Highlight common mistakes and easy pivots that will make your digital experience more intuitive, clear, and monetizable to your customers.

How it Works

The Design Assessment is a high-level review of your website or app which evaluates the overall user experience, conducted by a top-tier designer. While analytics may reveal "what" happened, a review from an experienced designer can help determine the "why", and provide actionable next steps.

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Once scheduled, the review covers UI consistency, responsiveness, copy, and other features.

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You’ll receive a .PDF that visually highlights areas for improvement based off your website or app goals.

How it applies

Marketing Sites

Increase cohesiveness and brand value with a call-to-action focus

App/Web Software

Increase user acquisition, retention, and monetization


Improve prototype fidelity for testing prior to development

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Start with the project calculator, then choose if you'd like to move forward. No email commitment required for the estimate.
“Ben has a perfect blend of startup pragmatism and an eye for user-centric mobile design that makes him great to work with!“
Roj Niyogi
Founder, - Austin, TX

About the Designer

Ben Faubion is a visual and user experience designer with 15+ years in the interactive and digital product space for startups and Fortune 500 companies. He’s based in Austin, TX, and works with clients throughout the United States.
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Voltage Control Sprint
Voltage Control Sprint
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