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Reactive Canvas is a name for my work and field. I’m a designer based in Austin, TX who collaborates with brands, startups, and agencies. From creative direction to user experience, my goal is to deliver beautiful design paired with real-use business goals.


Create a visual look and feel for an experience or product.
Style Guides
Mood Boards
Visual Identity
Evaluate and discover new ways to position your digital experience.
Sketch sessions
Flow Maps
UI Mockups
Use the Design Sprint method to design and test an idea.
User Interviews
Group Facilitation


Over the past 15 years, I’ve worked with a variety of companies to launch apps, websites, and interactive experiences. I've helped take startup clients from pre-Seed to Series A round, and have also worked with Fortune 500 companies. My work blends creative and technical while keeping business goals, market viability, and communication in mind. I see design engagements as a collaborative effort with teams who can rally together over a common goal.

Client Feedback

“Ben is one of the most professional designers we have worked with to-date. His attention to detail, accurate project forecasting, and consistency in execution make him the perfect fit for a company looking for an expert designer.“
Ben Mones
Founder, - Los Angeles, CA
“Ben has a perfect blend of startup pragmatism and an eye for user-centric mobile design that makes him great to work with!“
Roj Niyogi
Founder, - Austin, TX
“Ben's insights into the user and his design expertise helped us launch our first version of the website in a timely manner.“
Vinit Modi
Founder, Campusly - San Jose, CA


You can work with me at any point of a product lifecycle, from a completely new experience to a redesign, or simply a discovery workshop. I offer a variety of engagements that can fit with what your team needs to launch a new design initiative.


Get an assessment of your current product or plan a new experience from scratch.


Schedule an ongoing engagement to launch your product and brand, or for improvements.

Fixed Scope

Looking for specific deliverables? Get a fixed scope bid based on your requirements and goals.


Do you also do programming?

For larger initiatives I work with a development partner or a client's internal team. I do offer CSS/HTML snippets to carry design over to development for accuracy, however I do not work on production code.

What tools do you use?

I'm well versed in Photopshop, Illustrator, XD, Sketch, and Figma. Additonally I use prototyping and development tools like Invision and Zeplin.

What size and type of companies do you work with?

I work with companies who see the value in collaboration and the design process, and are willing to invest in shipping great digital products. The size or type of company isn't as relevant, although I usually fit best with organizations who can move and iterate at a fast pace.

How expensive are your services?

My costs are mid-range and I bring 15+ years of design experience to the table. I also can offer discounts for small startups or retainer scenarios. Feel free to email me to discuss your project in detail, and I'd be happy to follow up with a quote and rate.

Do you take on projects with equity?

Yes, in some cases I do. If the business and team is the right fit, then I can offer a mixed cash/equity package.

New Business


Work Like da Vinci in 2020 and beyond.
Why Design Ethos has the power to make or break your business.


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